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How to Get Rid of Man Boobs

While most men seem somewhat comfortable with carrying a bit of extra weight, many do express significant concern when chest fat. Figuring out how to get rid of man boobs or more accurately, how to get rid of chest fat is not a simple feat.

Excess deposits of chest fat may be caused by obesity, but it may also be due to a medical condition called gynecomastia. While the latter will generally require reducing the amount of estrogen in one’s body while at the same time increasing testosterone levels, the former may be solved through means that are a bit more manageable: diet and exercise.


The first, and most important, step towards reducing chest fat is to reduce your caloric intake. This is a key component of any sort of weight loss, and a necessary way to reduce your overall body fat. This can generally be easily done by altering one’s diet to increase lean meats and vegetables while decreasing fat and carbohydrate intake.

A quick way to do so without a major lifestyle change is by portion control; paying attention to the serving size suggestion for a food product can greatly reduce your calorie count.


Cardiovascular workouts are good for anyone, but they are especially necessary for those looking to shed weight in the chest. Running, rowing, and even elliptical machines are all great ways to burn calories. Any sort of physical exercise can be helpful, especially for those that are mostly sedentary. If you are in particularly poor shape, try working up to a more intense workout.

Even walking for forty-five minutes every day can have a major impact on one’s weight and health. As an added benefit, one will also increase the health of their heart with these exercises.


Finally, one should be willing to put in a bit of strength training to get rid of man boobs. These exercises encourage the development of lean muscle, and thus help to encourage the burning of calories. Even simple strength training methods such as pushups can be quite helpful in this regard, especially if they are done on a regular basis.

Any workout that focuses on the chest muscles will be helpful in the long run, especially the bench press and cable crossovers. These exercises will add definition to the chest once the weight is lost, and will help you to concentrate on improving this problem area.

Perhaps the most important step to get rid of chest fat is to follow through with a workout routine. Merely eating well for a few days and then doing a bit of exercise will not solve the long term health and weight problems associated with chest fat. It is important to make a complete lifestyle change to keep the weight off.

Any method that will encourage an individual to work out, from a gym membership to joining a sports team, is quite useful in helping to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.